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Benjamin Walker

Ben runs our chapter; as an architecture major with strong dedication and courage, he handles all of our major operations, and serves as our leader. 


Lieutenant Commander

Blake Demler

Blake, an electrical engineering major, serves to aid the chapter as our lieutenant commander, handling all intra-fraternal affairs and keeping our chapter on track for success through both academic and emotional support.


Ricardo Sanchez

Ricky serves as our recruitment chair, helping us reach out to potential new members and allowing us to expand our ideals through our rush events and campus events



Luke Jackson

Luke works hard to ensure our fraternity has fun, unique and safe events as our social chair. He develops plans for major events, whether parties or mixers, and brings us a good time. 



Allen Arani

Allen works hard as recorder to ensure all information and data is saved and relayed to the rest of the fraternity. Alongside this, Allen develops the Zeta Chi website. As a computer science & engineering major, he types a lot. 



Long Nguyen

Long, as our treasurer, is the master of our finances. He ensures our dues are paid on time, handles our distribution of funds between members, and alongside this, he works as our fiesta build chair!


Philanthropy & Community Service

Chris Mendez

Chris makes sure our brotherhood helps out the community; he works hard to find us great opportunities to volunteer at locations like the Houston Food Bank so we can help out the city we love.

Marshal &
Alumni Relations

Caleb Covarrubias

Caleb, as our marshal, works alongside our recruitment chair to teach our new members the values and ideals we stand by and develop them to be strong representatives of the Zeta Chi chapter. Alongside this, Caleb keeps the alumni members of the Zeta Chi chapter one with the active members, pushing out monthly alumni newsletters and keeping our relations close so that our brotherhood remains strong.  



Trenton Prokop

Trent helps our fraternity prepare for the bigger world beyond college, enlightening us with career advice and life tips while helping us set goals through workshops to make sure we all reach success. 


Brotherhood Chair

Toshiki Ishizaki

Toshi, our 1000th member, works to bring us together as a fraternity, devising and hosting several brotherhood events throughout each semester to keep us close.


Risk Reduction

Nathan Cerdena

Nate strives to keep us safe. Between events, mixers, etc., Nate works hard keep the Zeta Chi name clean and safe.

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